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Aditya Roy

I was very much tempted to start with a great marketing pitch, but my background and the love for simplicity lets me just state where I can be of service.

If you like what you read in the next section, I would coordially invite you to judge for yourself if my qualifications, experiences and expertise do justice with Executive & Performance Coaching. I invite you to evaluate if this is a great fit, for we shouldn't settle for anything less than 'Excellent'.

*I loved the analogy of this OS command: WHOAMI, because of its elegance in Information technology as well in the spiritual dimesions of life.

Here's why:

A client-centric consultative relation is a sacred domain in itself that shouldn't be pushed, or "sold". In absence of a self-driven call from the client, the best coaching consultative frameworks will not yield much. If you like my work, kindly consider a quick fitment evaluation. If you perceive a lack of fitment, you are probably right. An elegance in mutual fitment and 'energy compatibility' is essential. Considering a lot of my work is in the field of soft-sciences/ experiential domains from Advaita Vedanta, I would very much like a common understanding and mutual respect.

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Corp. HR Strategy & Execution Governance, Talent Development, Learning and Performance, Total Rewards, Recruiting & Onboarding, Holistic Talent Experience Design, HR Ops and Service Design.
HCM Domain Architecture, Enterprise Process Modeling & Orchastration, Digital Transformation, Change Management, Experience Design, HR Tech Risk Management & Sustainability, Product based & Platform agnostic solution architecture: Workday, SAP SF, etc.
Commercial Governance, BizOps Leadership, BD, P&L, Margin and Pricing modeling, Client Relationship management, Platinum Account Management, People Development.
To Lean StartUp Founders, and Women-Led micro enterprise.
ShivYog Certified Master Cosmic Therapist. Practitioner of Advaita Vendantic School of Yogic Wisdom (Yoga of the Immortals);
Talent Engagement, Framework design for Performance Coaching for professionals in Fortune-200 firm, and young Professionals. Agile PeopleOps Coaching. Pro-Bono Advisory for Executives & Startup Founders.
Published Musician (Composer, Arranger, Singer, DIY Sound Engineer). Digital Artist, Painter, Photographer, UX/  App Designer.
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Interesting, right? Maybe a bit bold too, for business. I have reasons to believe that Mission and Vision statements are dated and overhyped. Modern professionals couldn't care less about business statement that refutes data-driven insights at every opportunity.

I offer ethical frameworks, agile capability maps & service charters, with outcome-driven and evidence based roadmaps and implementation framework which has intentionally not been productized (such as an subscription based App). I  carefully curate, co-create and enable with my client's active participation and engagement. This is organic, and powered by the old-fashioned human feedback loops that's free from hourly consulting fees ("Human, Conscious and Agile").

Sounds interesting still? Then we may have a potential fitment. 

One last thing, instead of fine prints, I offer bold prints: it is what it is. Transparent, clear and upfront because ethics is fundamental in a client-consultative ecosystem.

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Started learning about being in Kashi, that's better known as Varanasi in the contemporary world as a UNESCO world heritage city as one of the epicenters of Indus Valley Civilization and the Eastern Spirituality.


I started learning the Vedantic traditions at an age of 11, and got blessed with initiations by self-realized masters in the Advaita Vendatic School of 'Sanatana Dharma': ShivYog (Master Cosmic Therapist, trained by Dr. Shivanand), and Yoga of the Immortals protocols (Ishan Shivanand).

Received two Master Degrees in Economics and Management from BHU, Varanasi. Got the first ever job in the financial capital of India: Mumbai (Bombay), that taught me the value of resilience. Later on I've moved on to Kolkata (Calcutta) which helped me find a rhythm amid an organized chaos that's life. I have been fortunate to call Toronto and Ottawa my home cities: the melting pot of civilizations.

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Agilixo serves as the portal and platform for my Executive Coaching and Human performance excellence advisory work. It also acts as the portal for my pro-bono services (such as Lean Startup Coach for women-led enterprise/ pro-bono Advisory for foundational HR systems and processes for young enterpreneurs).

This site and App is my design (end to end: from concept to deployment, including design of individual elements such as graphics, music in DAW and sound engineering), and I have no reasons to consider this to be a perfect work. If you encounter areas that has a scope for improvement, I'd love to hear from you!

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