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🧘‍♂️ Foundational Discovery

  • 21Days
  • 43Steps


Things are happening around us at an unforeseen pace. We often do not agree it is orderly, and logical. We strive to find elegance amid entropy. ​Any design without a client-centric and adaptive model is often not sustainable, because True Coaching is a sacred domain with a life long commitment, beyond the boundaries of 'ability to pay'. This is why we are trying to offer a change, for the good. This free (as in Pro-bono/ Gratis) 21-day program introducing constructs of applied "Advaita" in daily life, whose byproduct is awareness, calm and mindfulness. You get daily prompts and checks at the end of each day. Your Custom App is designed and hyperpersonalized just for you, which should not be shared with anyone else. Currently only Android APK is available as iOS does not allow custom App installations. This program is by invitation only, for Executive and Performance Coaching.

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