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In the realm of coaching and transformative journeys, the road to success is an intricate tapestry woven with scientific and experiential threads, that compliment rather than compete with each other. If you are willing to step into the realm of spirituality, the ancient wisdom might come alive through the eyes of your guide, a Yogi with initiation in the Advatic Vedantic tradition: Yoga of the Immortals. Drawing from the wisdom of the ages, the framework invites you to explore the profound depths of your own being, unlocking the potential with inner harmony. You can discover the timeless principles that offer clarity, and purpose amidst the chaos of modern life.

Can mantras & music accelerate the journey of human potential excellence? If you are willing to immerse yourself in the harmony and rhythms which captivates souls, it might as well act as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, opening the eyes to the immense powers locked within. I am not here to speak for or against the power of Mantras, and you are welcome to discover if this can elevate your spirits, heal the soul during the most trying times, and maybe some day it may unlock the hidden reservoirs of creativity and wisdom within. Try it out.

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I am a self-taught singer/ composer with zero years of formal training in Indian classical music. If you like any of it, I believe you may also be willing to look beyond my limitations as a singer.

The music has been composed on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This is my personal effort and I am well aware of my limiations as a novice singer/ composer & sound engineer. I would love to hear your perspectives and learn from your expertise. Do write!
The lyrics are in public domain, and has been created by my spiritual lineage from Sanatana Dharma.
Usually music doesn't come with disclaimers, and this is no exception. I would request you to consider enjoying my craft in a distraction-free space, and if possible, using a good quality headphone. I am not a professional sound engineer, and the recording quality is best when headphones are used. This music can be used in handling stress, when combined with Yogic modalities, however these are highly personalized and client centric. 
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I am cognizant of my limitations as a self-taught singer/ music composer and sound engineer. Here are few sample tracks for your listening & exploration. Headphones may provide better listening experience due to less distraction.

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Perspective # PROTOCOLS

I have reasons to believe that a true growth and transformation require a holistic and personalized approach. We go beyond the surface level, diving deep into the core of being to unlock your full potential.

Enterprise HR Technology coupled with Yogic wisdom might take us on a captivating voyage and seamlessly blend passion with expertise, inspire and  enlighten, and awaken newer pathways that delve into new realms of possibilities. When you are prepared to embark on this journey towards holistic excellence, the protocols will be your foundation and friend.


The ancient wisdom, modern innovation, and the harmony of music will converge to unlock the extraordinary potential that lies within us all, provided we are willing to pay the fair price in terms of attention, devotion and true engagement with the coach.

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Thank you!

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