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"I slept and dreamt that life was joy.

I awoke and saw that life was service.

I acted and behold, service was joy."


Encompassing research-based knowledge from behavioral & cognitive sciences, and time-tested experiential wisdom from the Yogic Dimensions of life, my meta frameworks infuse robust agility and evidence based doctrines from world class organizations.


I would like you to appreciate the simplicity and elegance of your custom built framework that takes into acount your experiences, goals, capabilities and intuitive resilience.


I co-create (rather than prescribe) custom-crafted framework for client's success with active participation and involvement, co-design roadmap based on the evidence-based modalities and measurable outcomes and observable, experiential dimension.

This website (AGILIXO) serves as the platform for my clients in Executive and Performance Coaching offerings. Please feel free to explore my perspectives & hypotheses on the Human, Conscious and Agile, if you wish to try try this out.

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Human life and dimensions of existence is multi-faceted: why should solution approach be only linear?

Just like it takes a healthy bird two wings to fly, modalities from scientific and spiritual worlds complement each other as analytical and experiential aspects that make a solution holistic, no matter how hard we try to justify superiority of the one over another. While a few things can be explained, the others are hard to measure  or express in your chosen language of expression, for instance no matter how hard you try its impossible to express in words in an essay how your favorite ice-cream or candy tastes and how it feels. Sure, you can try, and its good to try but at some point we need to stop and appreciate the wisdom from 'soft sciences' or 'energy sciences', for they exist to only uplift and open up the possibilities.

This isn't for everyone though, and that's where the construct of 'inner calling' comes into play.

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Pro Bono HR TECH Advisory

Pro-bono advisory for foundational and transformational HR and HCM systems for Lean Startups.


Executive & Performance COACHING

Client-centric, Consultative-Advisory services for Executives. This is highly relevant for mid-career professionals seeking hyperpersonalized pathways in highly stressful ecosystems.


Human Potential Excellence

Hyperpersonalized NextGen Framework that's specifically crafted for select domains. Based on Experiential wisdom and energy sciences of the future, requiring serious commitment.

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Perspective # ECOSYSTEM

Navigating the terrain of human possibilities is usually not achieved through conformity, but through embracing your own authentic self. With my expertise and guidance, co-creation of bespoke solutions that resonate with your unique essence is possible when we delve deep into the intricacies of your goals, aspirations, and challenges, crafting a roadmap that aligns with your vision. Your growth becomes our shared mission.

Unlocking this full potential requires an agility model that adapts to your multidimensional existence.  In this realm of co-creation, we can embark on a transformative journey only your success is nurtured in a safe and secure ecosystem that empowers.

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Enterpreneurial Coaching, Go-to-market strategy, Client facing & Communication skills


Advisory on Foundational HR Systems and Processes for Lean Statups


Focused Group discussions and guidance on Career Coaching (post higher secondary/ Grad school), Professional and Life skills (through NGOs)
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Thank you!

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