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Perspective # COLLAB

Executive and Performance Coaching is no longer bound by rigid structures or predefined strategies. The NextGen Agile coaching methodologies  will need to adapt to the client's unique needs, strengths and aspirations. To explore the uncharted territories, strong ties and ethical collaboration is essential for the cross-pollination of best practices and incubation of applied and hybrid domains in the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge. I am looking forward to a lifelong journey of growth and development with my peers who may be looking forward to a collaboration/ joint research work.

I am currently working on a few disciplines, and would be happy to contribute if there is a potential fitment. Example of a few sample papers include:

  • Application of AI/ Machine Learning to find patterns in Cognition, and tracing this back to neural origins of precognition

  • Algorithm-assisted Talent engagement frameworks

  • NextGen Client-centric coaching with an emphasis on Human Performance Excellence with the application of Advaita Vedantic domains in day-to-day life

  • Redefining coping and resilience

  • Understanding and hacking innovation from Cognitive-behavioral standpoint

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How to Design Hybrid Workplace Experience using HR Technology - Aditya Roy.png

Implementing the Hybrid Workforce Model of the future represents an exciting challenge to CIO & CHRO organizations, and Functional Leaders alike, as it can potentially create operational cost efficiencies and enable improved innovation in organizational processes that focus on better employee experience. This whitepaper aims to provide a balanced perspective and a framework for designing your hybrid workplace.

Agile PeopleOps Design Thinking Primer Promoting and sustaining Employee Mental Health usi

Business environments have become increasingly demanding in recent times, with leaders and workers often suffering from work-related stress and burnout. We have an incredible opportunity to build the constructs of the HR ecosystem that can help reduce or prevent workplace stress and burnout by design. By recognizing the role of the Employee Experience Design and how it affects the culture of an enterprise, HR Technology solutions can be deployed to elevate mental health. This paper is aimed at the CEOs, CHROs, and the functional heads of HR in mid to large enterprises so that awareness by design can be achieved.

A Primer on Using People Analytics Balancing Data-Driven Insights with Employee

A Primer on Using People Analytics Balancing Data-Driven Insights with Employee Privacy (APO: AgilePeopleOps Framework)

[CO-AUTHORED with Aradhya Srivastava]. As a responsible Human Resource,you want to make sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. However, data-driven insights must be balanced with the privacy of employees to be ethical. While people analytics can provide valuable information for employers on team performance and individual employee growth goals, it’s important to understand the implications when collecting any sensitive personal information about employees. In this paper, we look at the ethics of people analytics: how organizations should approach data collection from their workforce to ensure there is no violation of law or breach of employee rights.

[CO-AUTHORED with Ramona Balaratnam]. AI and human empathy appear far apart, but intelligent use of AI can bring forth an empathic workplace where employees’ emotional well-being is a priority. This is a perspective paper on Application of Artificial Intelligence in the world of HR and Empathy.

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Coming Soon

Thank you for your interest.

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