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<Human. Conscious. Agile>

Because there will be no Artificial Empathy.



Nearly two decades of experience as a management consultant, I specialize in NextGen Talent Development with an emphasis on Enterprise HR Technology. My concentration and emphasis is on the hyper-personalized frameworks and experience design for the Talent, and the ecosystem. In career I've grown from an analyst to a lead, serving fortune-200 firm and its clients, gathering hands-on expertise in the intersection of business, humans and technology (service delivery, design, advisory, governance, sustainability, nextgen experience design, and some more).

Beyond Enterprise HRIT

Executive & Performance Coach, Yogi & Consciousness Researcher, Musician (singer, music composer, arranging, sound engineering).


I'm perfecting my craft in the confluence areas of HRD, Technology, Behavioural Sciences and experiential and evidence-based wisdom from Yogic dimensions of life. I believe a true coaching framework should be client centric, iterative and co-designed with a two-way feedback loop in an empathic, safe & consultative setup, rather than in productized platforms, such as Apps.

This website (AGILIXO) serves as the platform for my clients in Executive and Performance Coaching offerings. Please feel free to explore my perspectives & hypotheses on the Human, Conscious and Agile, if you wish to try try this out.

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Perspective # HUMAN

With AI taking over dimensions of human life, the focus will eventually shift towards rediscovering humanity.

Since the constructs of the 'soul' or everything that makes us essentially human is an experiential dimension, in general the standardization/ factory models with prodcedural manipulation will not yield much in the near future. In other world, App-driven stress management will not work beyond temporary stress relief.

My point being, the proverbial 'buck' does not stop at DEX or Digital Experience Design. It takes a human other humans to communicate, create bonds and memories, find shared success, experience joy, and find meaning in the grand design of life. So, this is time the modern Enterprise HR Technology considers a bit of 'soul searching' to incorporate cross-pollination of best practices from other proven dimensions of life that's tried and tested since time immemorial. Because this will soon affect the business bottomline.

AdityaRoy Website - Consciousness, AI and Nasadiya Sukta.png

Study of Consciousness is being enriched, thanks to the contributions from Psychology, Linguistics, Anthropology, Neurosciences and many more disciplines. My bold take is that we still lack a foundational systematics, and the focus is uneven on the exploratory realm of consciousness.

There is a scope for original work here because standard scientific doctrine (PHEOC framework: Problem > Hypothesis > Experiment > Observation > Conclusion) may not work without deployment of cross-functional, experiential and evidence-based meditative frameworks because the observer and observed space becomes one in states of Consciousness. An approach singularity is inevitable sooner than later because not much work has been done yet in the Applied Vedantic wisdom and influxing the cross-pollinated best practices for a holistic well-being in professional life. The design of the workplaces of the future has just started evolving in the post-COVID era, especially in the post Generative AI era. Use cases are in preventative mental health practices, and upgrading the 'human software' for an elevated performance, self-managing framework & holistic experience of joy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not so subtle hint: You need true Yogis (practitioners in the Cognitive domains, beyond the bodily gestures and postures that is merely preparatory stages of the true "Yoga"). Sounds interesting? Write to me :)


Consider this: It is one thing to engross oneself and enjoy a Maestro's live performance. It becomes something else when a scientist tries to dissect the performance into its elemental level, such as measuring the frequency and rich tapestry of the Cognitive impact created by that music. For example, trying to analyze the grain of wood using which the instruments has been made, with an intent to understand how such profund impact is created might be futile. This is a proven approach for 'hard sciences', thus a preconceived notion of pureplay logical framework is not designed to yield much in the quest of 'consciousness' because its nature is integrative and holistic. It is an inward journey into the very self, and requires an internalization that difference of 'observer' and 'observed' becomes negligible. This needs a quantum shift in approach.

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Perspective # AGILE

Holistic and Conscious Agility is all encopassing, because just a mindset without holistic design or accelerator is not of much use. Similarly, a KPI-driven productization without necessary Cognitive alignment is incomplete. The keyword is balance, where an Executive and Performance Excellence Coaching can bring outstaning results.

Elemental components of Holistic Agility by Intent and Framework includes a meaning in actions and personalized roadmap for career and life, Custom and personalized key performance indicators (KPIs), Emotional positivity that is organic and not forced from outside, Cohesive cognition and balanced Optimism, Hyper-personalized framework Self care and Flexible thinking, an Aligned mind-body 'psychosoma' in its natural state (and many, many more variables).

This is not 'one-size fits all' phenomena, certainly not when your domain of work, experience and expertise, core talent, work and social ecosystems are significantly different than others. I agree that at a species level we have certain coherent traits in humans, however I believe in hyper-personalization and contextualization of resilience frameworks that is purpose-built for a client. Consider this funny example: It is however wrong to find a standard answer on "Best dress for Winters" because it depends on so many factors, such as where on earth. A 'feel like' tempareture in Toronto is way different than in Dallas. Cold is cold, isn't it? However it is probably stupid to accept a framwork without proper calibration and contextualization. Look around, and try to figure yourself if we have a personalized resilience model or a productized "one size fits all" framework. This needs to improve.

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Enterprise Process Consulting (HCM)
HR Tech (Solution Architecture; Enterprise level Program Governance); Corporate Talent Strategy; HRIT Risk Management & Sustainability; Holistic Change & Transformation; Experience Design



Practitioner of Advaita Vendantic doctrine of the Sanatana, under direct guidance of self-realized Yogic Masters Dr. Avadhoot Shivanand and Ishan Shivanand (Yoga of Immortals)


Focused, client-centric Talent Engagement (Career Coaching and Performance Consulting for professionals)




Master Degrees in the relevant foundational body of knowledge (Applied Stats & Econometrics, Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Management.
Humble recipient of Consultant of the Year award from ALM Consulting Magazine (2023), and multiple awards for performance in firm. Among top 1% performers in Career. Proven resilience with an organic growth in a single firm. Cross-functional and multiple Geography exposure both in firm and consultative-advisory capacities.
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Thank you!

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